July 25, 2012

Seaworld Seafari Camp

Each day was filled with a delicious snack, creative craft and entertaining story. When I say "delicious" I don't mean nutritious, but the campers loved creating their daily animal. Below are some pictures of our daily snack and craft. I hope to post more tomorrow on Thankful Thursday about the animals we encountered. Love you all Bloggers!

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July 24, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I accomplish all of the things I set out to do.
Always: It happens to be on those days, I have studied my scriptures.

Sometimes: We spend so much time with the kids.
Always: It is time well spent.

Sometimes: Sea World amazes me.
Always: I want to go back for more.

Sometimes: We watch National Geographic with Oliver.
Always: He seems to know more than I do.
The Rays

Sometimes: I listen to my sister or this one or this one.
Always: I follow in their footsteps.

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July 23, 2012

A World of Sea

Hello bloggers! This week my theme will focus on our trip to Sea World for Sea World camp. This video was on day 1. We fed rescued manatees some fresh romaine lettuce. The kids loved it. We had a behind the scenes look at their rescue facilities. Some of the stories were heartbreaking (like fisherman cut the bottom jaw off a manatee because he was getting into his traps.) We learned so much that week. Now it's time to share! Enjoy!
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July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers,
Really, Google had to “take over the [internet] world” and disable my blog and email and YouTube account because I mistyped my birth-date? No warning! Just, “Oh you made a mistake, that’s unheard of? Now you will pay!” DO NOT EVER do this. It is a horrible to recover from. I am sorry for my mistype! If I could, I would abandon Google and blogger all together, but because of my lovely audience, I choose not to. Thanks for your loyalty!

Dear Annoying pockets in my comfortable capri pants,
Why did you fail me this week? I was just trying to have a fun summer movie morning with the boys and you had to let my WALLET slip out? I was juggling enough with a bag full of diapers, clothes and snacks and a toddler who refuses to wear shoes when he has a moment of distress. Not to mention my other toddler who is not afraid to stray in public, large crowd places! Thanks for nothing!

Dear Honest Movie Clean Up Crew,
Thank you for returning my wallet and realizing that you would not gain much from selling my license to some underage teenager or using my debit card! It gives me hope that there are still honest people amongst the sea of craziness we call society.

Dear my dear Calvin,
Thank you for teaching me that sometimes, there is nothing you can do about horrible circumstances, you just have to grin and bear it! Thanks for being patient buddy!

Dear MomsNightOut ladies,
Love it. We had so much fun this week and I totally needed it. Thanks!

Dear lover,
Thanks for letting me get away so much this week. You are my perfect match.

Dear Oliver,
You make such leaps and bounds by the hour, I can’t keep up! Your speech, understanding of language and words and colors, numbers.

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July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Summer 2012
I am loving my niece! PS Don't mind the "boy" hairstyle I am rockin!
I am thankful for air conditioning!
I know most of the world goes without it, but most of my life I have lived with it, which makes all the difference. I have driven many cars that eventually have an AC problem. Now, I drive around feeling guilty as I pass those with their windows down, sweat on their brow, as I try to hide my hair blowing from the vents in my car. I really am grateful for it.
Over the past few weeks, our AC was slowly breaking down.... in our house. Many times it was cooler outside. I thought of the terror in not having it at all. We were blessed with an honest AC worker, recommended by a friend instantly on Facebook. He came and went in an hour! It was fixed.
So today, moral of the story, thank the Lord for your AC or whatever keeps you comfortable in these high rising temps of the summer!

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July 18, 2012

There's Always A Reason For Flashbacks


From my journal...A day in May 2012

I watched Calvin, uncertainty with each step across the foyer as I stood propped up against his doorway, the sounds of Bear & the Big Blue House echoing in the background. I crossed my arms searching for a reason. A reason to explain why a short clip of my childhood had been triggered in that very spot. I remembered walking those same steps and looking back at my mother to see if I still had the freedom of getting my favorite bed time animal. He was black, with a pink nose and white tummy, filled with small plastic beads (which I discovered from playing too rough with my kitty). His tail had literal stitches hand sewn by fingers of a tired, overworked mother, my mother. I would lackadaisically carry him from any of his limbs. His fur was worn, not new and fluffy. His ears curled over a bit from the washer. The comfort and joy my kitty brought was unimaginable. And then, the two second memory fleeted, Calvin grabbed his tiger (Hobbs) and ran to my warm embrace Time for bed.

July 17, 2012

The Past

From my journal some time in April 2012

I stared at the picture, my heart longing to visit that moment just for a few minutes. I thought about what made it so desirable. Was it that little black dress, the one I searched for, wasting hours of my life in and out of stores? I still fit into that dress, one of my favorites, but not the same way, fat and muscle displaced or rather misplaced after the bearing/birthday of children. Was it his smile? He is so proud, it arguably is a proud smile, an attractive smile and one to think of fondly. Was it my shoes, my favorite shoes, of no worth now...6 years later? Was it those curls that took hours, but seemed much shorter because she did it? Was it the anticipation I felt in that moment, on those sacred grounds that HE would finally be inspired to ask me? Little did I know that my plan to blow him away with beauty would take a few months to sink in. I stared in the mirror. Have I changed that much? Am I sporting the dreaded “mom-who-doesn’t-care” look? I left the mirror and raced to my bedside to find my journal (this moment matters) only to find it is buried in 10 loads of clean laundry, un-folded and spread between too many baskets. When will I ever get the time? Today was so successful. The house is spotless (minus the 10 loads of laundry previously mentioned), even after babysitting 4 kids 4 years and under today! Why does today feel like such a fail-kind-of-day? Then it hits me, as heavy as this pen pumping ink into such a small space in my world. Prayer. P R A Y E R. It fixes everything, prevents some things (like my mood) and renews others. “Have I prayed today?” I thought as I quickly finished writing these words.

Sometimes & Always #7

Summer 03-2012

Sometimes: I spend way too much time editing pictures.
Always: I look around for new, free editing sites (like THIS ONE which is sooo much faster than picmonkey)

Sometimes: I lay on the trampoline watching the clouds slowly drift by.
Always: I am brought back to my pre-teen years spent outside in the Florida sun.

Summer 2012
Sometimes: I look at my kids and think, "Holy Moly, they are like full grown adults!"
Always: I realize I still have time before that dreadful day.

Sometimes: I miss my family who lives far away.
Always: I wish had loads in the bank to fly all over the US to "drop by."

Sometimes: GOOGLE SUCKS and ruins your entire week.
Always: I get over it and continue to use their services, trying to put the past BEHIND.

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July 16, 2012

Google Disabled My Account!

I have been absent from email and blogger for a week! AHHH!! Google disabled my account! I typed the wrong birth year when trying to create a youtube channel connected with my google email. I thought I would type the birth year of my blog, instead of MY birth year, (how is that their business anyway?) They immediately froze my account. There are 3 ways to reinstate your account, 1 was a credit payment of 30 cents, with all of your information and 2 others by mailing or emailing your license. After the two free attempts being rejected (for who knows why???) I let them charge my credit card! It is absolutely ridiculous. So, beware fellow bloggers. I was about to just transfer to wordpress, but thought about all of my followers =( and how I worked hard to follow you as well! All would be lost. I couldn't even get emails! After a week of rejection from Google, it is now available. Well, anyway. Here is my video Monday video!

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July 6, 2012

Letters on Friday

Summer 2012
Dear Friday,
Is that you? I didn't recognize you. You have come up behind a mid-week holiday and I almost let you pass by, before proclaiming my love for you! Thank goodness it's Friday.

Summer 2012
Dear Coronado Springs,
You were the perfect place to celebrate our Freedom this year. The pools were impressive, weather cooperated, a playground for the kids, ping pong, and you even provided a volleyball playground for my love! Thank you for the nice amenities.

Summer 2012
Dear Disney Fireworks,
Thank you for beginning right at the moment a family discussion argument was developing. Thank you for not being super intimidating and keeping my boys into them. And of course, thanks for sharing the magic.

Summer 2012Summer 2012
Dear Jerry Seinfeld,
I totally get you and your humor. I can't stop laughing as I type this and watch re-runs in my pjs. Can we hang out sometime? Jason and I with you and your lovely wife? I would love it! Maybe you could even invite Elaine?

Summer 2012
Dear Schweigers,
Thanks for gettin' your swagger on with us at Aquatica today. We would have never tried it out without your friendship and "hospitality." You have been so great to us AND the boys even took a nap today. Wow! Can't wait to get together again soon!

Summer 2012
Dear High School Reunion,
I don't want to show my face to you. Seriously, seeing people that I don't keep in touch with? Yuck! It makes me sick, but I do want to hang out with people I am friends with now... Boo. I may have to give in to peer pressue for once in my life.

Summer 2012
Dear slightly-sun-burnt family members,
I love you and I love that we have spent so much time together over the past few days. Sleep tight!

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July 4, 2012

A needed a break...

I needed a break! Last month I reached my goal to blog more than the month before, now this month I am already behind! (Maybe I can catch up?) I guess it really doesn't matter because I am completing some much needed maintenance on my house. Being gone at camp last week really wore me out, leaving many incomplete chores, I am talking really incomplete! The good news is, I am happy and healthy and it's all good. I even spent some time on Pinterest tonight (sign). I stopped when I felt inspired to do something more with my life =).

I cannot wait to celebrate the 4th tomorrow. I am so grateful for all those who sacrafice on my behalf, serving in our military. To all those families who give so freely of your loved ones, THANK YOU! I will be watching those fireworks, thinking about how blessed I am to live in this promised land!

Sunday we sang, America The Beautiful, in sacrament. It always brings me back to my kindergarten year, in which we sang one patriotic song each morning after the pledge and everyone would always turn around when they sang my name (Amber waves of grain). Too bad many kids have never even heard of such songs around these parts. Well, I better be going. Sleep tight!
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