April 30, 2014

Music Muse Tues: Automatic, by Miranda Lambert

I spend my nights exhausted from a full day of activities, planning for the morrow. Selfishly craving time alone, when I only want to be with my family once I finally earn it. The beauty of this life includes the sun setting each day, time for rest and then a sunrise with new beginnings.

We have the power to change things we do not like about our life. Though they may be small steps, we can improve each day, give up bad habits, serve more, change our attributes, become a better friend, and grow!

So tonight, in the spirit of becoming better, I wanted to post a song that really applies! Automatic, by Miranda Lambert. Check it out! Love it!

April 24, 2014

Easter Tree

While entertaining many ideas to incorporate the real meaning of Easter this year, we came across the Easter tree. There are loads of variations out there, but this is what worked for our three young boys.

Watching a Video

First we watched this video to get the wheels turning about Jesus Christ. It was not too long for their attention spans and it set the tone for the evening.

Gathering sticks

This may have been their favorite part. We found a dead bush and removed branches to create our tree.The boys actually collected enough for a few extra Easter trees. We placed the branches into a large, clear vase. I wanted to fill the base with small, painted eggs.


Decorating the Tree

My goal was to keep it simple, centered around Jesus Christ and aesthetically beautiful. I ordered Treat greeting cards for our primary decor. You can order cards to be mailed directly or opt to print the cards right from their website for a fraction of the cost. We each had a large egg with words on the front (from the greeting card) and our hand written commitments on the back. I cut out the words into an egg shape for two of the designs. The third card design had small egg images on the cover which I cut out directly. I used a hot glue gun to adhere to the branches.  I chose a couple Easter cards while I was there to send off to relatives.


Discussing Attributes of Jesus Christ

My husband and I each sat down with our children one at a time to discuss what attributes of our Savior we could improve upon. We recorded our commitments down on the back of the eggs we created and hung them up. In the future, we will mark down scriptures that show his attributes and plan to adjust our tradition to become equally meaningful each year. Mommy and Daddy even got in on the commitment. A little introspection goes a long way!

How did you celebrate Easter this year? Did you blog about it? I want to see your ideas! Comment below.

April 20, 2014

Easter Week: Pre-School Ideas

In my head, this post was already posted like three weeks ago...

Last month, at our monthly Enrichment meeting (learn more about it here) we had a perfect night filled with laughter, great babysitters, yummy snacks, and a folder full of ideas to help "enrich" the lives of our family. Sister Pennel did a phenomenal job sharing her passion for the week preceding Easter.

Here are some of the ideas we did with our family, that may work with yours.
This link is great for studying about Easter. 

Palm Sunday:

Last week, we reenacted this blessed event with the boys after sharing the story of Jesus returning to Jerusalem. We read the paper version, but they love these little videos as well. By the end of our reenactment, the boys were a bit silly. We each took turns riding the donkey into Jerusalem on top of clothing, while being fanned by palms. This can be adapted for older children by reading the account from the New Testament and discussing critical thinking questions about why this was monumental and why it may be recounted and saved for our day to discover.

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