Who I Am


I am a mother of three sweet boys. This does not make me an expert parent by any means. I am madly in love with my husband and I have been under his spell since the day we met. Of course we are not perfect, not yet anyway.
I am a Latter-Day Saint. Some are frightened by this. Many people do not know what a Latter-Day Saint or Mormon is, anyway. I hope to shed some light your way, good light.
I currently love inspiring the minds of college students. I love to inflict a memory, a change, an emotion in them that is not to be forgotten. I want to enlighten them and inspire them to reach their full potential, treat others kindly and realize who they really are. 

I am happy with my life. I am happy to be alive, to raise kids, to be married, to clean the house (well I am happy when it is over), to do the dirty laundry. I am happy to have somewhat of a positive perspective most of the time and to know when I need to rely on another's positive perspective. 

I have become someone who observes behavior. Someone who hopes to model good behavior, Christ-like behavior. I have the deepest gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that he walked this earth and still lives today. I know that he suffered for my infirmities, my malice, my every forgotten (*forgiven) moment. I am here to share my life, with you. Thank you for being here.