Getting to sleep

Our little boy is growing up...well both of them are, as expected. A few things that I have missed recording about their development:

Oliver was building something with Aunt Abby yesterday. He thought Large Lego's would be the best building material he could find and worked on it for quite awhile. I felt so proud as a mother, a daughter of God, that when asked what he was building he replied, "a temple." My heart was full. 

When we arrived home yesterday, Oliver ran around the house with his Publix balloon calling his dear ole' friend Lucy. "Weeccy, where are you?" When we let her in the house he proclaimed, "There she is!" just as plain as day! He loves that crazy girl.

Calvin is a crawling fool. He hit that point where he is on one side of the room when you put him down and the next thing you know, he is across the room eating whatever loose material he finds on the ground at that time. He get so excited when you call his name, ask him how big he is or acknowledge any of his achievements. He has a great temperament, when he is happy =)

Oliver is still enthralled with nature. He was taught by discovery learning, which is a term I covered the other night in class. This is a proven ideology of teaching children. I think it has worked well. Hopefully his love and appreciation for nature and the beautiful things the Lord has created will only grow larger as he ages.

I am tired and my children are I better get to sleep.

Here are some much needed updates on Oliver's Mooo I'm Twooo Bday party!! Enjoy


love the party pics! i miss those boys!