Not ready

Confession: My 2 year has not been sleeping through the night because of many factors, one of which involves me as his mother. He wakes screaming and making all kinds of noise. Sometimes even banging on the door. He seems so distraught. So,  I was schooled by the doctor today, Parenting101. He said DO NOT GET HIM or respond to his request. He also mentioned it may take a few weeks to break him of this bad habit. Keep in mind, we (his parents) have not been sleeping very much as a result.

It may sound selfish, but I cannot think properly if I do not have sleep. It is so tempting to stay up after the children fall asleep because I know I can be so productive in completing work/chores. So, when I finally retire, the battle begins. I know they go through stages as they age. I hate to make this post sound like a complaint. I do look at this as a trial and a learning period about behavior. We will see if I am ready for tonight. I do not think so. I will report back on following the Doctor's orders.

For now, enjoy some old pics, from last month =)