Time will tell

This has been on my mind all day. Only time will tell. Time tells so many things. Think about it. Time tells you of reality and also can give you a glimpse into the future. Time reminds you how long you have been waiting or how fast life slips by. Time can always represent decisions of the past. You may also think of "old times" and "good times" to tell you of the past. Time motivates and sometimes is very un-motivating. Time puts the moon to bed and ushers in a new day with nothing better than the sun.
I like it when time is on my side. When I resist the temptation to be productive, yes productive, in some other area of my life and realize that time is all I have. Time can be on my side when I prioritize my life, when I prioritize the duties and responsibilities and joys of my life. Most of all time is the realization of events coming to past as I listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I try to do this everyday. I sometimes pray that I will have aid in this area. Because. Time. Only time will tell.

As I prepare my lessons for my developmental psychology class, I realize that TIME is what it is all about. The commercials that catch you with, "Isn't it about...TIME?" are so true. This life is about time. A period of our existence where we get to experience the "best of times." Life is about time. It is "Time to eat" or "Time to go to bed." We set time aside to accomplish duties.

Do I appreciate time enough? Do I think, when going through a moment in time that is difficult, that I am grateful for that time? Do I beg the Lord for more TIME each night as I recall time that has past. Do I categorize moments as a "waste" of time? Do use time to help me progress and soak up every moment of time?Do I steal time, just take it, to spend... quality time, with those I love dearest? Do I give time as service to the Lord? Do I have too much time or too little? Do I stare into the eyes of my children and wish I had more of something...oh yes! TIME!
Time is by your side. Or is it? Time is flyin by. Or is it not? All you need is time. Only time will tell. I need to change my perspective. I do this by studying the Word of God. Then I realize that it is


What a nice little walk down memory lane. I love all the links. How is it possible that you have more videos of Normie than I do? I can't believe our kids were ever that little at some point. Ah...time.