To one of the two

To one of the two:
Can I give you a clue
of the dearest there is
among the creatures like you?

To one of the two
a sister like you
doesn't come along everyday
and is not like you in any way.

To one of the two
Wish I were patient like you
a wonderful sister,
with a comedian mister!
Who never knows what to do

To one of the two
Can I interrupt you?
with a tale of the greatest
who is always the latest
and sometimes the safest I knew.

To one of the two
no wait, there is three
To one of the three
Is that right? Can that be?
We were blessed with the best
and there's three?

To one of the three
forever sisters we'll be
as we share our whole lives in harmony

Love you Asher Basher!! Always have, always will! Happy Birthday!


thanks for my shoutout at the end there amz! very cute!