Cousins! We have spent much time with cousins this summer. So much time, I had to make collages of the pictures! I am sure I am still missing a few occasions. We were grateful to have a surprise visit from Aunt Cassi and cousin Norman in June. 

We spent time with cousin Isabella, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Terry about once a week. Our latest adventure took us to Monkey Joe's

We also traveled up to Jacksonville twice to visit cousins Landon and Kaison and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steven. They also came our way for Oliver's b-day bash. 

We can't wait to add to our cousins with the birth of the newest Beatty Cousin!! I love all of these precious children. I love to see them grow and learn. 

Check out this quote about loving a child:

“I have often wondered what would happen if the method of introducing a father to his newborn child were different. Instead of a doctor coming out and saying, ‘It’s another girl,’ or ‘It’s another boy,’ how would we react if each time a child was born our Father in Heaven made this kind of introduction to the parents:

Thank you for preparing this little body for the spirit I have created. Now, I present her to you for a season to care for. Please teach her of me and of my Son. I so much want her back with me some day. … Remember this: She is loving. She will respond to teaching. She wants to learn. Please treat her with respect. The road will not be easy. Some of the time it will be most difficult. I want to help you raise her. Please call on me often for advice and counsel. Together we can help her fulfill her purpose in the earth.’” (Ensign, Jan. 1973, p. 115.)"

I loved this talk from the most recent conference as well: 

"Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage. It is the primary cause of contented, well-developed children. Who can justly measure the righteous influence of a mother’s love? What enduring fruits result from the seeds of truth that a mother carefully plants and lovingly cultivates in the fertile soil of a child’s trusting mind and heart? As a mother you have been given divine instincts to help you sense your child’s special talents and unique capacities. With your husband you can nurture, strengthen, and cause those traits to flower." - Elder Scott April 2011 Conference.


love the post. some of these pictures look familiar :)