Mother I Love You

Mother I love you, mother I do. I can't imagine going through this life without you. My dear mother has taught by example my entire life. She is so beautiful inside and out. She has a lot to offer the world. One morning in June I received a phone call from my sister that started out, "Amber, I am on my way to the hospital, mom was in a car accident. She called me and she is okay." I immediately knelt down to pray. Ashley handled the stress well. Terry went to the scene of the accident and Jason went to the hospital. Dad was out of town and all we could do was sit and wait to hear more.

I began calling family members to update them on the situation. Nate came over and we prayed again. We only knew pieces of the situation. Mom was waiting to turn behind another vehicle and a school bus hit her without stopping going about 40mph. She was on her way to the last day of school with students. It was all over the news.

We couldn't believe that she was alive from the images that were taken from helicopter view. The Lord protected mom that day. She needs to be here on this earth and that was apparent by her survival from this crash.
She did suffer a few minor (but painful) injuries, but overall is doing much better.
We need more people like her to get us through our days and years! To mother dear, I love you.