Remembering Her


I held the future as I looked towards the past this weekend. We had the opportunity to visit my grandmother's grave. I have not been back since her funeral in January of 2004 even though we have been to Jacksonville many times. As we approached her grave, I felt such a memory of her sweet spirit return. I know it doesn't take visiting the grave to remember her, but the peaceful setting of the cemetery allowed it to take place.

I wish she would have met Jason. She always told me to go after the "quiet ones." She said, "Still waters run deep." I never knew what that truly meant until I met Jason. 
Time goes by so quickly. I never thought I would have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys seven years later. It seems like just yesterday I was spending hours talking with her about the mundane things of life. She was a great listener. 

At her funeral, all of the the Beatty girls got up and sang a hymn. It was so beautiful. Hearing it always brings me back to that place, the sacred place where all of my memories of my Granny are stored. I love you Granny! 
I love you dear.