Day 3: Culpeper, VA

Day 3: We awoke to the smiling face of a boy who loves to wake with a sweet, "Good morning." Grandpa was off to work while Grandma and Amelia took the kids shopping. Oliver did not nap well while we were visiting because there was so much to explore. When he did fall asleep without a fight, he was usually in the car. Oliver quickly fell asleep so they came back to let him take a nice long nap while Calvin entertained them. Jas and I were left to get some work done. Calvin was "cutting" a few teeth while we were there, lovely right? Can you tell by his cute smiles?

Later, Oliver made cookies with Grandma and Amelia and loved that. We took a trip into town (2 minutes away) to visit the local train station. I can't imagine jumping off of one of those things like in those old western movies.

In a few pictures you will Calvin raising his arms in response to, "How big are you? Soooo Big!" Oliver loved running up and down the tracks. We were happy when he slept all night from complete exhaustion.

We waited around for a train to arrive, but it was an hour and a half late. We decided to eat ice cream and go home instead. We arrived back in Raphine late into the night. The boys were asleep, dreaming of cookies and ice cream and we were happy.