A Day of Opposites

Today was a day of opposites. That's right, or should I say wrong? Here are a few things we did that oppose the norm in these parts:
  • We had toast for breakfast
  • I vacuumed...twice
  • Calvin fell right asleep for his nap
  • I said, "okay" when my little lovebug asked to play outside
  • Oliver put on his shoes 
  • We played with Lucy
  • We were viciously attacked by an army of fire ants
  • I did the dishes all day long
  • We got ready to run errands and stayed home
  • I did more laundry than I planned

  • When Calvin dropped his bowl full of lunch, I handed it back to him to play with 
  • I let Calvin ruin my outfit to enjoy his smile a little longer
  • Calvin took a bath in the sink
  • I changed into zebra striped shirt with blue striped Bermuda shorts(inspired here)
  • We ate Popsicles, then lunch
  • I let Oliver go to bed with my silky robe because it reminds him of mommy
  • He kissed me and said, "I love you, Mommy," without prompting
  • Oliver went right to sleep during nap time
  • We missed daddy's pop-ins throughout the day =(
  • Calvin was into everything
  • Oliver was not
  • Calvin called my name and laughed when he got my attention
  • I let Oliver take my picture (as seen above)
  • We felt summer slipping away with a nice breeze

Oh how I am learning to go with the flow by my love's example. It feels nice. Today was an opposite kind of day. Now, I should go work =)


Romero said…
aww i'm so glad we didn't go to the loop today.. then you wouldn't have had such an awesome day!!! YAY!!!