Distance makes the heart...

Distance makes the heart...grow fonder? More lonely? Depressed? Sad? Want Chocolate Icecream? Okay, well it is not that extreme, but we have missed dear 'ole daddy this week. He has been at a conference for most of the week. I got to see him in action tonight, and believe me, there was plenty of action. You should have seen this beast tearin' up the stage, ruffling all of the chicken's feathers, and bringing me back to why I love this cool cat so much. When you have been in a relationship for awhile, you sometimes forget those magical feelings you felt when you met and fell in love. 
There is no doubt that I love my man, but the excitement of a new love is MIA. Don't get me wrong, there is excitement and there is surprise, but you know what I am talking about. This is why Romantic Comedies are so popular. People (well women) love to feel those feelings, even if you are viewing an unrealistic story about those feelings. I found it tonight though, those MIA feelings. Jason performed at this work conference for their version of, "American Idol." Can I just tell you that he is HOT! All the ladies were screaming and smiling like a Backstreet Boy was up there singing just to them. Listen for my comments and laugh. I told him afterward I would take care of those "chickens."

I cannot wait for him to come home tomorrow! AHHH!!! It is such a great thing to realize your talent in front of many people. I am blessed to be with one who has. I love you babe!! We need to schedule more of these performances.


you make me laugh. jason is pretty amazing.
AmeliaKayy said…
i heard the "he's so cute."
my brother's pretty much amazing.(;
Jason & Amber said…
Jason is pretty amazing Cass and yes Amelia, I love him oh so much =)