A Few of My Favorite Things

Wow, is it really the end of the week already? I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. I am so looking forward to conference. Today I was watching my littlest lovebug and decided a few things that I love about his current stage:
  • I love his eyes when he first wakes. They tell a story of the dreams that were reality moments before.
  • The wonder in his expression as he opens and closes this mysterious book.
  • His quiet "grunts" as he disassembles the once neatly organized shelves of books and toys
  • The sweet smile of accomplishment as he walks across the room, while keeping his balance
  • The admiration he shows while attempting to gain his elder brother's attention
  • The way he holds his new mouth-full of teeth
  • The sound of my name being called.
Happy blogging, world!

P.S. The pictures are some September 2011 leftover, everyday-kind-of-photos.


Romero said…
cute pics! I am so glad Oli is enjoying that table haha... guess it's staying at your house!! And i love my cal cal!!!!
ditto on ash's comment. lol the table looks good. glad oliver is able to enjoy it
Jason & Amber said…
Thank you guys. We love using the table. One of these days, I will get the courage to re-create it =)
AmeliaKayy said…
I'm a fan of the whale in the street.(;
Jason & Amber said…
Haha Amelia! That is how he set it up so I let it be and whipped out the recording device!
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