A glove and a ball

Last night we were getting the kids ready for bed, well they were already ready...Jason had his glove out to prepare for the upcoming softball season. Oliver immediately announced a game of catch. He had a koosh ball. I sat there, injured from our evening at the park, (a different-embarrassing story), and appreciated the joy on my little boy's face as I watched him play catch a few feet away from his daddy. "Oliver, do you want to try?" Jason asked as Oliver stood amazed at the gesture. Oliver just lit up the room with his smile as he tried on the glove. I unconsciously blurted out, "I think I am going to cry. I can't believe it." Jason said, "Me too." I shed a few sweet tears at the sight of my baby boy getting so big. I know this sounds so emotional, but I live for moments like this. I live and love to live to cherish this time. Jason looked over at me and said, "Oh, are you really crying?"


Anonymous said…
I remember those days. Sweet..