"No Labor" Day

I love to celebrate days we spend with family. I love the Sabbath day. I feel no responsibility to leave the house (other than to attend church), I know I can focus on my family and give much needed attention to my bed for some rest. I also know that I will be treated by the world's greatest chef, my mother.

Today I caught up on some grading and then spent time with the family. We headed out to the beach to witness some killer shore-break waves. They were 5-6'! That is pretty good for Florida, but they were short-break and the rip current was strong.

We spent some time with Aunt Jess yesterday. She always has goodies to share. She is very thoughtful. We love when Aunt Jess comes to play!

Here is a pic from our beach trip! Hope your day was Labor-free... (especially my sis Cassi!)