My life feels like a zoo, maybe this is why I love the zoo so much. Or maybe I just love animals. I hope it is the latter. We decided to hang out at the zoo after purchasing our plane tickets to VA a few months ago. (Yes, I know I am past due). 0liver had a blast. He spent most of the time asking, "Where is monkeys?" as evident in one of the pictures. When we finally arrived to the monkey exhibit, he just thoughtfully stared and wondered how he could behave more like a curious little monkey. It was a little hot, but we came and went while appreciating the beautiful animals the Lord has made. I saw a bird that looked like a large blue-jay mixed with a parrot. It was beautiful! I have so much to learn in this short time we are here. 
We saw a snake exhibit and I could not believe the size of the cottonmouth pictured above. Most of the poisonous snakes did not have the slanted eyes to my surprise.  I guess only the American rattlesnake types have that telling feature. I hope the foreign snakes never come to this promise land because that don't even look dangerous. Enjoy the pictures.