17 Walnuts

I love the Fall season. This time of year reminds me why I love sunny Florida. Each September I think I will get out our fall decor a bit early, to get me in the seasonal-change-kinda-mood, but I always wait until the first day it really feels like Fall weather. Today was that day and I am fighting the promptings to break out all those boxes and decorate. I think I might do it. Oliver will notice and appreciate it I think.

Last night, I sneaked into Oliver's closet, while he was sleeping, to get some delicious ice cream toppings out of food storage! The closet light switch is on the outside of the closet, so this was a risky move, but the ice cream needed a little something extra. I gathered up the courage and planned out all my moves. But I didn't expect one thing...

We got this lovely puzzle for his second birthday. I saw it, I loved it and I got it as our gift to him. Unfortunately, it sometimes will fail me. I bought it because it plays a sound when you put the puzzle piece into the spot. I shortly discovered that the sound worked 60% of the time and would sound even if he put the wrong number in the wrong place. The sound is activated by light, like those new Hallmark books.

Now, back to the story, I opened the closet door as Oliver laid peacefully close. I flipped the switch and whipped around the door. I jumped when I heard, "Seventeen walnuts." I quickly closed the door laughing to myself and hoping I wasn't caught (Jason warned me before I went he. He didn't think it was worth it =) I got the syrup and took a deep breath. I opened the closet door and heard, "17 walnuts, 17 walnuts." My foot was stuck on something. I shut out the light and off went the puzzle. 

I was amused. I guess I never thought I would hear, "17 walnuts," as I reached for chocolate syrup in the middle of the night. And I didn't get caught.

PS General Conference was amazing. You should check it out! It is already available, streaming. My favorite quote so far, "Let us be as quick to kneel, as we are to text."


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Hahah, I am glad you enjoyed it!