I keep promising myself that I will not blog, which is something that I use as a reward, until I complete a few things:

1. Halloween costumes
2. Updating all grades and such for my classes
3. Plan my littlest lovebug's first annual b-day bash

Well, I gave in and here I am. I have learned to appreciate a few things today. I have a dear friend that I met a few years back. Her heart is filled with kindness. I was drawn to her when we first met because of that special spirit. I am determined that we must have met long ago. I have learned from her about the importance of family. She seems to have a lack of family. A lack of support. I try to show charity for her sweet spirit and hope the favor is returned if I am left on this earth without any family.

Today, I awoke bright and early. I hate waking bright and early, but once I do it, I appreciate the beauty of that time of day. I was on a mission to help my friend. It was funny that I received a call to help her this week because I missed her. I planned to invite her over this week. It worked out perfect, or so I thought. Without too many details, we ended up in the ER. Life couldn't be more valuable than it was as I watched hers slip away. She made it out okay after doctor's had access to her. 

This experience made me appreciate my young, healthy body today. What a blessing that has been forgotten on days when life seems so bleak. To end the day, we got Chinese food. I couldn't seem to catch up with my other responsibilities so we enjoyed some quality take-out. Jason opened the best fortune, "Enjoy every minute of your day." That is my new theme for the week! What's yours?