The Fire Ants Attack

There were three days of rain here in the lovely Sunshine State. This could not come at a more convenient time for me and my vegetable garden. Actually, it would have been nice to put off planting for a few more weeks because part of my garden is dead now. The fire ants have attacked. I attempted to take a few pictures, but was so worried about getting attacked myself, I did not get any clear shots. I spread ant killer as fast as I could retrieve it. I later went out to check on my little fire ants and watched the queen come out for a breath of fresh, pesticide-filled, air. I completely categorize these insects as pestilence that are here only to pester us, so there is no shame in sending them off to another place, far away from here. I did get a video. 

Also, pictured is what I awoke to this morning. "All gone, Mommy. All gone," Oliver says as he hands me an empty box of Frosted Flakes. Jason grabbed the camera. All we could do was laugh. He looks so innocent. He is so innocent. Who can blame a boy who is hungry? I guess I am happy he has claimed his independence and can now pour his own cereal.