Motivation to Keep It Going

Today is a day I put off work. I was awakened by my love at 7AM to start a new schedule. I crawled out of bed and stayed asleep for most of the morning. I found myself dozing off as I read books to our little lovebugs, I totally forgot my amazing Visiting Teacher was coming over and hurried to get completely dressed, and I yearned for a nap all day. I took little cat naps throughout the morning, but it wasn't the same. I know what you're thinking... and NO I am not preggo (at least I think I'm not). It must be what I consumed today.

When I finally had a break, it was my turn to work =). Jason and I switched places. I hurried out to the garage and began checking e-mails. I found a message from the man who made me cry. It was a course offering for more classes than expected this spring! My prayers were answered, my heart was full, and my energy was back. I immediately broke down in a prayer to our loving Heavenly Father. I know that He hears my prayers AND that he answers them.
I cannot wait to blog more, but I must hurry off to bed to satisfy our new schedule! Good night bloggers.

*Pictures from 9-6-11


Romero said…
i love the pictures of lucy.. awesome
Jason & Amber said…
Thanks! You gotta update your blog! I am dying to read it! I know it's in there!
Oliver is so dang cute! I can't wait to see you guys
Jason & Amber said…
We can't wait to see you either and your new little bundle of joy!!