Harry Potter?

 Make sure you read the title of this post with a British accent. It easily rolls off the tongue of Harry Potter fans across the world. In fact, our little Harry Potter himself will tell ya himself in his British accent. 

We were so ecstatic that Ash and Terry have moved back with little Isabella to share Halloween this year! We even got a visit from Aunt Jess too! 

Oliver was Harry Potter, Calvin was Ron Weasley, Jason was Hagrid and I was Professor Trelawney. I had a great time teasing my hair, but the knots are still causing me grief...days later! 

Making these costumes was a bit of challenge, for many reasons, including my lack of experience. Here are some things I learned:

  1. Begin costumes October 1st! Really? Yes, really! It would have prevented many of the issues I had making the costumes.
  2. Invest in a pattern. As annoying as patterns can be, they are beneficial, I guess.
  3. The seam ripper is my friend, was my friend and will always be my friend.
  4. No one can really see the stitching, especially in the dark
  5. The kids love to dress up and see others dress up
  6. I can't wait to do it all again next year!

Our ward changed it up and did a Monster Mash this year instead of the traditional Trunk-or-Treat. We had trick or treating in classrooms (decorated by members), then yummy dinner with dancing. The kids loved it. Calvin was even dancing out there. We loved it. We had a great turn out too!

I am glad we changed it up. I was a bit anxious of the nature of changing what works, but it was so much better indoors. By the end of the night, the cool air greeted us and we were on our way home! We needed it after dancin' the night away.

Mother did an excellent job of posing as Severous Snape (if she could only remember his name =). A family theme is so much more fun! We tried to stay in character all night. Terry was the perfect person to play Voldemort. Ha! Really, the characters worked out great. Those who knew who Harry Potter was, knew who I was, which is a whole lot better than last year. What a disappointment that was.  

I can't wait to see what Oliver chooses next year. We will just have to go with it as a family hopefully. I know the family theme will not last forever, but I am holding on to it as long as possible. I think this holiday is a cool part of our American culture. It is exciting to dress up as another for a day and eat sweets to celebrate! I do agree that the sweet eating does get out of hand though.

We went Trick or treating around our little neighborhood. My outfit was not the same without mom's clothes, boots and necklaces, but I made it work. It was nice spend time together as a family. We even ran into some friends along the way. There was a cool breeze again reminding us that it is indeed Fall. I hope this beautiful weather is not just teasing us. 

I cannot wait for Christmas! It is just around the corner. We will be decorating early this year. I have declared it and it is done! Oliver will be thrilled. Here are some photos for your liking! Click on the photos to enlarge. Happy Halloween fellow bloggers!