It Was Almost a Year!

I got a phone call from my love this afternoon that he was on his way to the hospital with Oliver. Oliver was running around the living room, getting tired before his nap, tripped on his own two feet and gashed his head open on the kitchen chair. 

Jason said he cried when it happened, but soon calmed down. I met them at the hospital and he was excited to show off his hospital bracelet and bandage. They glued it together. 

He was a champ! The nurse greeted me saying, "It was almost a year since his last ER visit..." I thought to myself, "Am I my mother? Will I be in here with 2 crazy boys as my mother was more than once a year? We have been 4 times in 2.5 years already. 

What is there to come? What will their sensation seeking personalities bring our way?" Then I stopped thinking about it to avoid a panic attack! Ha. Well, I guess I can't protect them from everything, even their own two feet.


Why does he look so big in these pictures?!?!