The Lizard With No Legs

Daddy was working in the yard last week 
and ran in to say,
"Honey grab a cage for me. 
I caught a lizard with no legs." 
"A lizard with no legs?" I thought 
and hurried round to see
A little lizard with no legs it was 
or "joint snake" to me.

Oliver skipped into the room 
to join the fun and noise
He hurried over with big eyes 
and even dropped his toys!
"Mommy, daddy look, A joint snake," 
he exclaimed with great joy.
We smiled, laughed and answered back, 
"You are such a smart little boy!"

We kept him in a cage for days,
well only two or three
for if we kept him any longer
we'd have to catch a bee!
A bee, cricket, spider, bug
they're all the same to me
For this little lizard with no legs
really did need to eat!

We let him go
With much sorrow
To share him with the land
We hope to see you again
That's our story, THE END.


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