...A Lot Like Christmas

I do have a confession to make. I put up the Christmas tree last Tuesday. It has almost been a week! Jason got the Rubbermaid boxes down from the attic, the boys ran around the house in excitement as we unloaded, and we celebrated by enjoying St. Cloud's finest baked beans and BBQ! Oh how I love those Baked Beans! What a joy it has been to fill the house with Christmas cheer. We bought a few Christmas books for the kids.

I am in love with children's books by Nancy Tillman. The artwork is beautiful, the rhymes are catchy and the stories are entertaining for both the little lovebugs and adults! We are just missing 1 or 2 of her collection. I love it! She just released Tumford the Terrible. It tells a tale of cat who never says, "Sorry." Oh, how I love these books. Well, I better get back to avoiding chores.