Memory, Oh Memories

What drives your memories? What triggers those ever so real feelings of joy, of sadness, of content smiles? I have studied the mind, studied the theories that lie behind these questions, that attempt to answer these deep questions. How can one phrase, one picture, one smile bring back so many feelings? How can those scars be so easily torn open, and those feelings of worry change so quickly to reassuring feelings? I am listening to this song as I type to you, as I try to explain that I am aware that I cannot control everything, I know that is part of my struggle here. Dang, I feel like an emotional teenager right now as tears fall and my journal is recorded. Well, I know where to find peace. I turn to my love. I turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ. I turn to my blessings. To my sleeping babies. I sneak in to give them a kiss and watch them nestle back into comfort. Look up and count the blessings around you! Snap out of self-pity, out of sorrow.

I took a walk tonight, down memory lane 2006. It is so funny that an entire year of digital pictures equals 2 weeks now. Of course, I didn't have beautiful boys to picture then, well just one. Can I share some old pictures. Some that are special to me and my heart? Oh, how I have changed. Oh, how my love has instilled just what I need in my heart that wasn't complete yet. Without him, I'm not sure how I would have fared. I'm not sure. I feel better now.