My Dear Sweet Calvin

To my Dear Sweet Calvin,

I miss the days you spent sleeping in my arms
with a simple smile, you could never do harm,
the days you didn't leap from my grasp or my hold
when I tried to change your clothes or your diaper without a scold
the days when you crawled, you didn't walk, or stumble
the days when I wasn't publicly humbled 

I miss your gummy smile,
head of hair 
tiny toes, tiny nose

I miss you though you're here
I miss you though you're close

I look forward to the days 
you help clean up all your toys
when you sing your first song
when you make too much noise

I cannot wait for times
you ask me questions about life
when I will share my testimony
about trials, about strife

I think I'll shed a tear
when you first count, or throw a ball
I know I have some fear
when you will "know it all"

I look forward feeling blessed that you've made it this far
and back with a tear that those days are, what they are.
We couldn't be more proud
of our little one year old
We couldn't feel more blessed
We love you, forever you'll be told.


Your Mommy and Daddy!

Happy Birthday Cal pal.