On the Day that Saves Time

What a wonderful Sabbath Day it is. A day that saves time. After a tiring busy weekend (I am counting Friday in the mix), I look forward to the Sabbath. I look forward to waking early, dressing the kids (usually in a rush, usually wrestling), getting in the car and heading to worship the Lord. I look forward to Sacrament meeting, usually missing most of the talks, walking the halls with a fit-throwing lovebug, usually addressing some issue with another lovebug in nursery (changing, crying, it's all the same). But there always seems to be a do-or-die moment when I have to choose if I want to let the Spirit teach me while I attend my meetings. It usually involves a humbling story being shared of those who set  far better examples to me than I have to them. 
So today, I was humbled as we learned about temples. I recalled an experience I will never forget, as I watched my elder brother and his beautiful bride were sealed to each other. I recall the moment their 4 year old son joined them. It was a moment when angels sang on high, a moment when hours and hours of prayers were answered, a moment of gratitude for our dear family, for it was  moment the bonds of marriage were sealed, never to be broken by death. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love attending my meetings, although it may be a struggle. I love to hear the testimonies of others. I love the temple. I hope to attend this week with my love

Thanks for reading my testimony.