What a Priceless Design!

The name is perfect. You may notice a few changes around here. A few months ago, I read a post by my sis about the perfect blog designer she met in her travels. She has answered to my incessant messages that were somewhat unclear to begin with, and created a masterpiece. I thank her and encourage you to check out what she has in store for you! Click Here for your home page. She also has a few other pages linked to her blog about her family adventures, so check it out!. Happy blogging readers!! I know I am a happy blogger today! Thanks Katie! 


Katie Price said…
Aww, thanks Amber! What a nice post. You were so easy to work with and had such fun ideas already. And it only took a week from start to finish!
Jason & Amber said…
I know! You were waiting on my reply most of the time! You did a super job!