To Grandmother's House We Went...

We received our order of Christmas cards from! They are beautiful and I am quite happy with them. They are on their way to you as I type this. I also received my first shipment of our Cyber-Monday shopping. I am so excited to celebrate this season! I love this time of year. The garden is growing my favorite veggies of all, the weather is tolerable, there are parties and Christmas crafts, the Christmas devotional, and so many other things to occupy my mind.

Last week, my love came home with a special treat! I have not stopped reading it since! I have discovered one more person to look up to in this life, Lucy Mack Smith. I love exploring the differences in living in this century compared to hers. I know that this century is a better suited for me to learn and grow, but sometimes yearn for the simple life they led. Just reviewing her family history, many of her relatives did not live into their twenties! I will keep you updated as I get further into the book.

 We have enjoyed doing one thing each day in celebration of the Christmas season! I have documented this well. In the process, I have lost my camera for good. I have never been without a camera for this long. Even as a child, I had access to one, a disposable nonetheless. I lost it Saturday, after the Christmas parade. It was me. Maybe it will turn up! Maybe I will have to start using an older camera. Either way, I cannot share pictures/video of making peanut butter/Hershey's kisses cookies with the boys. Each unwrapped kiss was a temptation for sweet little Oliver. I will add some Thanksgiving/Blue Ridge Mountains/Gma's-house-we-go photos instead! Check out the most darling hats our friends made over at LettiLu!! We had some fun times at Grandma and Grandpa's house! There was plenty of chasing/holding puppies, rolling in the leaves, walks, cold weather, long family talks, story telling, sunsets, family pictures, and so much more!

Here was my post for December 1st without any related pictures :(

I have decided, to make my little lovebugs aware of the Christmas season, we will participate in one activity from our Christmas wish list each day. Since I have not yet finished creating my advent countdown box, I just chose myself today. We made Peanut butter kisses cookies! We had genuine fun, real laughs, and sneaky smiles. Oliver was best at placing the kisses perfectly in the cookie dough. Wow, he is growing up before my little eyes. He also had no problem sneaking pieces of cookie dough with every free moment. Calvin even joined in on the fun! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Merry Christmas-Spirit Bloggers!

PS Did you not fully enjoy this beautiful weather today Floridians?! Glorious!