A New Year

When I loaded some pictures tonight, I realized that it was no longer 2011, but 2012! 2012. 2012. 2012. If I keep repeating it, maybe I will get it right! What will a new year bring? [As cheesy as this may be. I keep hearing THIS SONG when I read the title of this post! Ha!] What triumphs will we have? What trials will we face? What decisions will we make? At the start of a new week and a new year, I challenged myself to these questions. I am a goal-oriented person. I guess I was raised that way. I make goals..write them down... sometimes, then go get 'em. Now, obviously, there are delays and mini-goals under big goals, but nonetheless they are laid out neatly in my head. I do ponder what decisions I can make to become a better person. To become a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend! There is always room to improve. Usually I have one big character flaw goal that I focus on. I know my biggest flaws, so I will keep you guessing on which one I am working on!

We decided to brave the pathways of Sea World on New Year's Eve. I was determined to enjoy the Christmas shows this year. We have never seen them and I always want to! The weather was perfect. The company was great and we were ready to face the crowds. It wasn't too bad until we entered some of the narrow pathways where SeaWorld decided to combine alcohol, DJs, ice carving and tourists. It was not a good combination. Hopefully they have learned for next year, although we will not be attending! The boys surprisingly loved the shows! They even mentioned Jesus Christ multiple times in some of the shows! I was proud and felt some reassurance that the world is not all that bad.

I didn't end the year with a kiss to my love, like in years past. Instead, the evening ended while we fled from the packed park with screaming Oliver, who is suddenly terrified of fireworks, laughing Nana, and sweet Jason who held Calvin. It was nice to drive home watching random fireworks from various theme parks. We wish you a Happy New Year! Here we go!


Sea World looks beautiful all light up!