Young Love

As I sit on a social networking site, trying to avoid feeling and thinking, I come across an old student I had years ago as Freshman in high school. He is no freshman now. In fact, he is quite grown. All of the sudden I felt trapped into thinking that time has too soon flown by. That maybe I am some sort of old woman who has most of her good years behind her. Well, without sounding too pathetic, I did snap out of it, but for a moment... I went through his profile, this old student, and found that he is ever so sweetly in love.

What is it about young love that attracts us? I mean, anyone who has ever watched a romantic comedy is guilty of wishing that they too had those exciting, unexpected feelings of young love. Even the comments under the cutesy photos were enough to make me say, "Awww" aloud. I am so happy with my love. I do not wish for anything else, but I do love thinking about when our love was young. We are coming up on 8 years of love... Is that still young? Is it maturing? I know that it is stronger than ever and I know that although I am totally annoyed with my love right now... I will feel better in the morning. So to all of you young loves out there...just wait, it gets better!

PS The pictures are from our fun-filled trip to Wild Florida! Check it out if you are ever close by! It is nice to appreciate nature in your own "back yard!"


Camille said…
Hi, these pics are great, but I have to admit loving the direct tv add's posted below. fun! So, We are finally comming to FL in March & I'd love to see you! I sent you an email, let me know if you have any free time while we're there :). See you soon,