Catching up...


What is it like to never catch up? Sometimes I feel like I am always catching up. Well, today I caught up. I caught up on a lot of things. Basic things, that you can expect a mom to catch up on... like the laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, but I also caught up on something I have been dreading. Something worse than dishes and laundry, exercise.  My love convinced me and I did it. It feels good. What is more impressive? We gave up sleep to accomplish our goal. The most important thing I caught up on today is my scripture study. I can't tell you enough how this changes my whole day! I know that my life will not be free of affliction because I read my scripture, but I was more patient, more long suffering, more understanding, more kind, and more of who I WANT to be. What have you caught up on lately? I want to know!

P.S. These pictures are from a weekend in January at Monkey Joe's. We love this place! So do the boys. Calvin went down the slide alone and it was a huge, scary blow up slide! We are so proud of him. We are happy with our two boys.