Complete Satisfaction


I guess what I want to share today is the spirit of accomplishment I felt as I left class today. I dread starting a new class. Every time it rolls around, I think, do I really love this? I guess it is my way of coping with the stress of an unknown social situation. Anyway, by the end of my class I like it! I love it! I want some more of it! I loved the last group of students. I love when my soul purpose makes it through, even to one student. I had the students share one take-away, one thing that has changed their way of thinking or perspective. I love hearing this.      [Disclaimer: By this point in the class, there is no sucking up that can be done (grades are pretty much finalized), there are 10 minutes left in the class at the end of a long work day and they have nothing to gain from praising anything that reflects myself.]     I always hear something I could work better on (show more video clips) and something they love. The thing that got me the most with this class is that I made them, "feel comfortable, a non-judgmental atmosphere." I didn't leave any one out and I was determined to get through the presentation of the material! I hope my reaction of complete satisfaction and victory wasn't as apparent as it felt because I hate strongly dislike giving away cues so others can "figure me out." Well, that is all ladies and gentlemen. That is all. Good night.