"Do You Like Camping, Daddy?"

I am yawning, but ever so anxious to start and finish this post. Why am I still up anyway? It is nearly 2AM and I must be up, ready and out the door with both kids by 9:30 tomorrow...today, whatever! My husband is sleeping outside tonight. He has not gotten himself into any kind of trouble. He is outside, sleeping under the stars with our eldest son. How blessed I am to think that they are bonding. And yes, I know he is only 2, but I know they are making connections that will last forever! I couldn't help, but open the bathroom window as I got ready for bed and happened upon their evening prayers. I almost tear up thinking about it. They are so sweet! Jason texted me when Oliver finally fell asleep and said, "He's out. He [Oliver] said, 'Do you like camping, Daddy?' Then fell asleep." So now I am off to sleep myself. Check out my newly remodeled Who I love page and let me know if I left you out!


So cute! What a good sport Jason is