A House That Built Me?

Today was spent catching up on work. I am truly caught up now. I thought I would write before I caught up with my sweet boys. Jason took them to the park today to feed the ducks. I am sad I missed it. Now, I want you to play this song in the background as you read the rest of this post. Is there a single structure that you relied upon while growing up, to hold all of your memories. A place that you can go and immediately you are brought to a happy, care-free time in your life? A place filled with laughter and tears and broken hearts and pure joy!? I get to visit that place frequently. I love going home to a place that holds all of my memories. I love hearing songs or viewing pictures that remind of that time in my life, where the world turned so slow, time seemed to never matter, when I loved to climb to the roof and write songs. Now I am here to build those memories for my boys. What house built you? Is it the house or that special time in your life when love conquered all!


Romero said…
I have felt the same way about our home growing up... but those feelings have changed since living there the past year... Hopefully once we move out I will get those feelings back!
Amber Epperson said…
I am glad you guys got a new place!