A Matter of Talent

Talent was on my mind yesterday. Talent so great, that one would have to come to this earth with a good amount ready to use. How effortless it seems to those of us looking in from the outside. Well, you may be wondering what brought on this pondering of talent, I will confess... We attended the Andrea Bocelli concert last night. Do you want to talk about talent? As he sang so eloquently, with perfect posture, in more than one language, I thought about how much time and dedication this man has devoted to his talent. He has peaked and is near perfection in controlling his voice so beautifully. I know that we all have different talents and varying degrees within those categories, but I yearn to become someone who is looked upon as extremely talented in one area, someone whom has achieved such a feat of perfecting a talent. Then I thought, "What area would I choose?"

We all have areas to develop, strengths that can become stronger. Would it be something of this world, like singing or crafting, or would I like to perfect the talent it takes to be something more everlasting, like a loving mother. I have the materials I need to practice becoming the mother... So it is decided then. I will continue to develop my other talents, but in the grand scheme of things, I will work on becoming the most loving mother. Enjoy some clips from our night last night. It was truly amazing to witness one who has dedicated his life to mastering his talent.

We also had the privilege of hearing the ingeniously proficient Heather Headley. What an amazing, seemingly facile performance. Check out that link and listen to the end. She sang this song last night. Her voice echoed perfectly across the Amway Centers so easily into the ears of thousands of people. I was very much looking forward to hearing THIS SONG, but he must be saving it for the next time I see Andrea with Celine. It is one of my very favorites. Did I mention the orchestra? One of the best I have ever experienced. So, what talent are you working on?

PS Boyce Avenue just released another amazing song. Check it out!