Cowboys, Pigs & Deseret Rodeo Fun!

What a fun night out as a family at the Deseret Rodeo. I regret missing the past few years. The food was marvelous, especially my favorite- the baked beans! Yum! They gave away extra food at the end of the night! The highlight of the night, even my week, was when Oliver chased the pigs. They called for children 8 and younger to come down from the stands and gather at the gate. Oliver had a bit of stage-fright at first, some kids were just falling like flies to get into the arena, so I understand his fear.

When I noticed Jason turning around with Oliver, I ran with all my might to the gate. I climbed the fence and yelled, "Oliver, get in there and catch a pig! You can do it!" He said, "Okay," and went right in. We were so proud to watch him stumbling out there in shin-deep dirt mixed with horse manure. So proud that he overcame a scary thing and had fun out there.

I guess as a parent, we are proud of pretty much any kind of accomplishment. You may notice me screaming in the attached video, reminiscent of my mother yelling for my brother's at football games. I am embracing our similarities, even if I look a little coo-coo sometimes!

We even had the honor of Abby's presence! She is such a great help. I can't wait to help her and give service back to her family one day. We are going to miss her soon as she travels off to a far-away land for college. We also got to sit with the Correa Family, whom we served with at the Temple. Oliver and Calvin loved sitting with, "Grandpa" as they called him throughout the Rodeo. We were grateful to have them near us to take a load off!

Enjoy pictures/videos from our family night out!


hahaha i am in love with olivers video! we all sat and watched it! it is crazy how we are happy with anything they do. Good 'ole st. cloud i tell ya
Amber Epperson said…
Thanks cass cass! I am glad you enjoyed it!
diane beatty said…
enjoyed seeing the boys...both are you all aunt diane
Amber Epperson said…
You are sweet Aunt Diane! Love you!