Video Monday

How did you like the last video? This precious boy, first heard this song the last week in February 2012 while riding in the car with me. When it was over, he asked if I could play it again. He sang along the second time! Here is a video from later that day when he watched Sugarland sing it. He is oh so cute!


I was looking forward to this video today! I love hearing his cute little voice!
Amber Epperson said…
Yeah, Jas just said he was wondering if I would keep that up =)! It's up!! You need to start now!
Larissa said…
Wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It sure made my day/night...I am up doing a 2 am feeding. with a newborn.
Amber Epperson said…
Thanks Larissa! I am not sure how I found you. I thought it was through my blog makeover, but I guess I just happened upon your crafty, wholesome blog, that is ever so uplifting. Thanks for stopping by!