Dirt Boogers

Uncle Jason & Kaison
Blessed. A day of rest will put to rest so many things. Things that don't matter. After all, I am here to share what matters. Dirt boogers, they matter. To me, they signify a hard day's work in the garden, sifting through weeds and plants that just didn't make it in our backyard. A smile. So many times today, my little lovebugs just smiled. "Carefree," I thought as I looked at the events I had laid out for them today. My blog. My blog matters. It matters more to me than the sum of people that it would potentially matter to. It allows me to release any thing. Any thing that doesn't matter. That needs to be put to rest.

In class last night, I conquered. I conquered any skeptics. I taught and they learned, well most of them. Some of them already decided that learning didn't need to happen. Anything picked up, was already there... I was comfortable, confident, and where I want to be. Something the accomplished Carl Rogers spoke of. Real versus Ideal. When I know who I am and who I want to be are aligned. I am me. I am who I want to be. I am working to be better and will always strive for that. I hope I got through to those who struggle here. It causes problems. Too many to count. I love Psychology, don't you? Attempting to understand what is misunderstood. In relation to people that it. I will end with a quote by a man that I thoroughly enjoy, "People...they're the worst!"

[Pictured above: Our nephew's 1st Birthday Party, January 28, 2012]