Power 90!

Power 90 from Amz Epp on Vimeo.

Our little family has been enjoying the results of the Power 90. The boys follow and we hope to instill some motivation to exercise into their minds. My lover has become so dedicated to this, so I thought I would share. It really works. He drinks the shake (all different flavors) and works out. I am not drinking the shake, but am benefiting greatly from just the workouts. I usually find myself completing the task at 1AM when the kids are asleep and my work is done, but nonetheless I am getting it done. I am proud of my love and can't wait to share his Day 90 pics! What do you think?


the regular videos on monday has become my favorite thing to do. normie and i love watching little oliver.
Amber Epperson said…
Thanks Cass! I hope little Normie loves them! Noley does too!
Eva said…
What an amazing transformation! I've been wanting to try shakeology for a while now! Is Jason a coach? Can I get it through him? Text me or message me on fb!
Amber Epperson said…
I am proud of him. He works hard to keep his diet healthy and the shakes definitely help. I will give him your number! He is a coach! You can get it through him.