I love this word. Simplicity. I love this season. Spring. Of course there are things about this season that I dislike (red ants, more weeds in my yard than grass, higher electric bill)... but then I hear one of my favorite Primary songs sung so effortlessly by Mercy River and think about the beauty in the simple things of life. Like watching Oliver's eyes come alive the moment he heard an owl for the first time in the wild or getting a surprise kiss from Calvin after I spent most of the morning attached to his hip, or walking in from the park to a house filled with the fragrance of lemon chicken, noodles and asparagus made by my love. Sometimes, the simple things are all we need. Sometimes the house will be okay if it is left un-tidy with dishes toppling over the sink. And oftentimes, spending time studying the word of the Lord instead of working is more profitable. Have a simple day bloggers!

Simplicity 2 from Amz Epp on Vimeo.


So cute! Where is this? I like Jason saying, "Are you standing in ants?" lol
Amber Epperson said…
Thanks for following cass! This is the neighborhood we bike to at the end of our road. And yeah, he was standing in ants, who bit him up! Watch again. You can tell at the beginning of the video =)