May 1, 2012

Bianca Merkley

I will attempt to post some of my newest discoveries in the world of music on Tuesdays. I hope to keep you guessing who I will post each week. I don't appreciate much of the mainstream, so you may want to avoid Tuesdays if that is your thing.

For the first post:

Oh how I love to listen to her songs. She is lovely, unique and oh so talented with a fresh clean sound. Take a listen to this song, sent in by my sister.What's even better, she puts her music on her website to preview. The entire disc! What a treat? I plan to purchase as soon as I find my credit card.

Who is your latest and greatest music discovery! Get the word out! Send it in.


Norm and Cassi Beatty said...

You've become quite the blogger lately. I'm envious.

Amber Epperson said...

hahah! Love you cass!

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