Boyce Avenue

I haven't posted anything about my boys at Boyce Avenue. They have been pumping out videos weekly and I miss them. I caught up tonight though. Here is one of their latest! Check it out! They are always a favorite. It's funny when I hear an original artist sing a song that I know from Boyce Avenue. What an influence they've had on me. What do you think?


Camille said…
Wow, they are good. I like their version a lot better than Lady Antebellum's! THanks for sharing. I am so sorry to not have pics to share from the trip. It was so much fun! THanks for a great time - I hope to not wait 9 years before our next one :).
Amber Epperson said…
Thanks Camille! We really did have fun too! Maybe we will head out west one of these days for a visit. Boyce Avenue is even better live!!
you should make a playlist on spotify of all these songs you post. when i have a minute by myself (which is rare) i just go to your blog and play songs from your posts.