Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, How did you get here so fast? I can't believe this week is almost gone.
Dear lovebugs, Thanks for listening to my letter and sleeping this week. 
Dear IKEA, Did you enjoy the raise in sales this week? It was well deserved minus the annoying construction you had going on, but nonetheless well deserved.
Dear Abby, YOU ARE GRADUATING TOMORROW!! AHHHH!!! I am so proud of you, little sis. I can't believe it has been four years since I saw you every day at school as a Freshman. Man, enjoy every minute of college. Time sure does fly by after that.
Dear Lover, Thanks for spending hours fixing the sliding glass door. You are so hot when you do things I would never have the patience for.
Dear Bloggers, where are your letters? I want to read them. Comment below so I can link up with you!


Cait said…
I love Ikea! and yes let me know what you think of my letters ;) cute blog by the way! 
Lambz Ann said…
Cait! I would love to! Can you leave a link? =)
Brandy Bruce said…
I always try to emphasize to my husband how attractive he is to me when he does stuff around the house that I need him (don't want to do mysefl) to! Ha! Come see my letters! Glad I found your blog. :)
Alyssa said…
I love your letters! I wrote mine today too! :)
Lambz Ann said…
haha! Me too! I will have to check out your letters!
Lambz Ann said…
 I will have to check them out! Thanks for stopping by.