Sometimes and Always #1

Sometimes & Always is a link up party and an easy way to reveal even more about myself. I hope to keep this up weekly. Enjoy and Link up!!

Sometimes: I realize I have missed some super fun and important stuff from months prior.
Always: I blog about it months later and pretend it just happened.

Sometimes: My love  is complimented in public about how he is a gentleman.
Always: He is a gentleman, for the most part =)

Sometimes: I just want to run to the corner DQ to devour a delicious chocolate cone.
Always: I think about the pounds I would put on if I followed that instinct every time and wait for someone else to suggest it.

Sometimes: I miss my brother and sis-in-law and neice and nephew.
Always: I stalk them here and here, which helps... a little.

Sometimes: I hear my boys laughing in the other room with daddy.
Always: I leave this computer to go play.




Cassi Beatty said…
you're doing so good with all this blogging lately. i must say, i am jealous. thanks for sometimes missing us and always stalking us. :)