What's On Your Heart?

What's on my heart? The word heavy weighs in repeatedly. Heavy like three sacks of potatoes. Heavy with emotion. Heavy heart. Heavy eyes. Somewhat heavy body =).

I love my children. When I lose sleep, I have trouble showing that love. I have trouble being the person I wanted to always be.
A mother.
A mother like my mother.
A mother with endless patience, endless love, endless fun.

Sometimes I have to be the fun-ending type of mother. Where would my boys be if I wasn't? I think Oliver would choose to be Curious George if he could.  Calvin would be that fiery red head that surprises at any given moment. I would be shunned from society for producing unruly kids.
1p2p3cp4cp5p6p7p8cp My heart is heavy with love, for my love. Like how patient he is with my fits, my weakness, my troubles. I really am in love with him. I feel so humbled when I am "out" in the [sometimes virtual] world. I need to be more grateful for him in my actions. Surely, my redundant compliments on this little piece of blogosphere is not enough.

So tomorrow I will start [well technically today since I am writing this in the wee hours of the night]. Tomorrow will be the perfect beginning to the me I always wanted to be.
My heart is not so heavy. I think I will go thank the Lord and turn in.
Happy blogging readers!

Pictures from the County Fair February 18th, 2012.



Alyssa said…
This is such a good reminder for me! Sometimes I'm not as patient and kind as I should be and I take things for granted. It's something I really try (and sometimes, more than I care to admit) fail at. I hope you had a good day and were successful with your compliments! :) And thanks for the reminder!
Lambz Ann said…
Alyssa, you are sweet! I did have a good day too. Thanks for noticing!