Friday's Letters

Dear adorable Avaree Elizabeth, Thank you for joining us here on earth! You are so precious.
Dear sweet sister, You amaze me with you birthing skills.
Dear DQ, Thank you for being at the end of our road so we can rush to you at 9:50PM when we feel like it.
Dear Tim the Tool Man Taylor, your new show is hilarious. I love it. Please don't stop.
Dear HOT FLORIDA WEATHER,  AHHHHHH! I need more time to adjust. You are out of control already.
Dear little Calvin, Thank you for constantly saying, "Hold me, Mama." It melts my heart.
Dear big boy Oliver, You will be three in no time at all! Where has the time gone? I am so proud of you.
Dear writers of SNL, Why did you make up the "Creep" skit? My husband loves it and continues to make his own variations of it every time he needs to shave. He is also passing down his creepy character to the little one. I am truly creeped out. [See evidence below].

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annadelores said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Amber!  LOVE the "creeper" images of your hubby and kiddo, too funny!  :)
A E said…
 Thanks! Your blog is really amazing. One day I will be like you =)
Kenzie R. said…
Super cute picture of you and the baby! Newborns are always so precious :)
Your letters crack me up, especially the part about your hubs. Great pics!!
Thanks so much for checking out my blog :D
annadelores said…
So sweet of you to say, Amber!  Thanks!  :)
A E said…
 Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it! I loved your blog.
Bex said…
I love your letters this week :)
such beautiful pictures :)

Thank you for your lovely letter on my blog :)
A E said…
 The truth is sweet sometimes. =)
Ashley said…
oh man, jason and his staches... and thanks for being there for me! love ya
Andrea Rees said…
Great letters :) My favorite is the one to your sister about her birthing skills!
Emily Grapes said…
I don't know what the 'creep' is but those pictures are hilarious. I haven't watched SNL in so long!! That baby is adorable. And DQ...yum! I would get 1/2 blue slush of some sort and 1/2 ice cream and oh man, I loved that!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes  
A E said…
 Seriously! Thanks for stopping by!
A E said…
 Haha! I was there to witness her skills! Thanks for stopping by!