Friday's Letters

Dear house,
I love you. I love your contents. I love what you offer me. Have you felt the love lately? With me keeping you all tidy?

Dear sweet lovebugs,
I had a fantastic week with you! I can't wait for next week.

Dear Oliver,
You will be three in two days. You are a budding scientist. I love it! I love you. I hope you always explore nature.

Dear my love,
I hope you like what I got you for Father's Day! I think it's a guarantee.

Dear Mother,
You are perfect. You have really been there for me. You never fail to sweeten things up with a cute little something. Thank you for being you.

Dear anyone-who-drives-over-25mph-down-my-road,
STOP!! I know that it the one cross street with no STOP sign, but you truly are annoying.

Dear hot summer days,
Welcome. Please bring some sweet afternoon showers.

Dear yard,
You are too big and already demanding that I cut the grass at least twice a week! Please just hold off a little bit.
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Kristina Torrejon said…
what a cutie you have there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back! xoxo
Kristina Torrejon said…
oops! That should say cuties! :) 
Joanne Furaha said…
I love the letter to your house and your mom :-)
Lambz Ann said…
 Thanks Kristina! I love the thankful thursday. I need to be more publicly thankful!
Lambz Ann said…
 Thanks Jo! I will be checking out your letters too! Nice to have you back!
Noel said…
SO sweet. Especially your shout out to your momma! Thank God for good momma's! 
Bex@Futures said…
Oliver is adorable! Love that you wrote a letter to your house :)
Norm Beatty said…
Dang all those pictures from sea world look awesome! Please please when will i move back to my beloved florida!! I love the pic of nana and oliver walk up the steps. she is amazing that woman
Norm Beatty said…
shoot im signed in as norm, clearly this is cassi
Wendy @ ECTaS said…
I had to smile when I read this post... bril and so different!  What a gorgeous little budding scientist you have - he is beautiful... particularly love his photos is the post below.

Thank you for visiting ECTaS today and for your lovely comment... I look forward to you linking up :D
Jasmine Olivia said…
Love the letters miss! Just wanted to say hi!
Have a happy weekend!<333
Countrified Hicks said…
I love how real and open you are.  The style you write in is so fresh.  I love it!
Anna Leviner said…
Lovely letters and pictures. Hope you have a great weekend!
Lambz Ann said…
Ha! You are funny! I miss you like crazy! Love ya!
Lambz Ann said…
Thank you for such an endearing comment! I can't wait to hear more from ya!
Lambz Ann said…
Well, thank ya very much!
Lambz Ann said…
Anna! I will have a great weekend. Hope you do the same.
Lambz Ann said…
I am sure proud of his accomplishments. Thanks for sharing them with us! And my house needed a little recognition. Now, on to the laundry.
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks! If you knew her, you would know how much of an understatement it is. =)
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and following! I love your letters!

I followed back ;)

Amanda Rodewig said…
Oh my word you are so cute! Thanks so much for following. Send me an email and let's talk button swaps! I'd love for you to do a guest post on my blog!! <3