Friday's Letters

Dear fingers,
Stop aligning yourselves incorrectly on the keyboard when I am trying to type fast. It is annoying when everything comes out like this: osihfsk asodfhsdfh asdfhasdhfk.

Dear life,
I am FRUSTRATED! Why all the road blocks? I am trying. Doesn't that count? Stop being so annoying.

Dear blog readers,
You are awesome if you are reading this. I am sorry I am being negative today, but it was absolutely horrible (composing this Thursday evening).

Dear husband,
Please stop waiting for my keen sense of smell before sharing that I may not want to inhale at that moment. And, I love you.

Dear children,
Please be patient with your crazy mommy.

Dear Lucy (the dog),
You really hurt me when you dug your toenails into my heal. I have a bruise and cut. You will never be aware of this, so I thought I would complain.

Dear next week,
Please be better to me. Please. I am begging you.

Dear jobs,
I love you. Both of you. I love that I can separate you. I love that each of you challenge me. I love you.

Dear Best Buy,
You may be the Best (as in the cheapest) Buy, but you certainly are not the best in anything else. Get with it. Hire some individuals that WANT to work for you and do the BEST at their job. Oh, and maybe someone who is competent to complete a task, like assigning the correct name and address on a mobile account. Give your employees better incentives, I don't know! You need to fix it. I am tired of you. I can't wait until our contract is up! The End.

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Amanda Shippe said…
I hope your week turns around! However, I feel you on the typing thing.. last night everything I tried to text my boyfriend was misspelled and then was auto corrected to something totally wrong. Your kids are adorable!!!
Emily grapes said…
My fingers do the exact same thing when I'm typing too quickly. haha

Hope your week gets better for you. I hate poopy weeks. But your boy is precious!! Love that last picture!
Enjoy your weekend. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes
momto8blog said…
well it IS the weekend!! hope your is a good one!! I was never happy with best buy...too bad, but Amazon is cheaper and faster and way more friendly.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
great pictures!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks momto8! I hope to be a momto5 one day. Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely follow back!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks for the adorable kids comment. They are adorable, but these pictures weren't from yesterday =). Thanks for stopping by!
Andrea_Loveis said…
Ha! I'm totally with you on the typing thing! Gotta love when you're on a roll, only to look down & see gibberish!

Hope this weekend & next week are better for you! Chin up & smile!! = )
Lambz Ann said…
Thank you Andrea! I hope to have a better week next week. Thanks for the happy thoughts =) I needed them.
Bex Smith said…
Definitely with you on the typing thing - its even worse when I have my son sitting on my lap..I type incorrectly and then he adds a few more letters just for good measure haha! Now following xo
Sarah said…
i hope next week is SO much better for you :) your kids are adorable, get tons of hugs from them to cheer you up1
Norm Beatty said…
i love the first picture of oliver. seriously, just send him to ny to see aunt cassi. please
Melissa Mather said…
I hope next week is better for you!
Michelle Johnston said…
I hope your week improves ... and hubby learns the words 'standby badger' thats codeword in our house for leave the room if you have any sense of smell! Thanks for visiting my blog Im your newest follower x
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks for following back! hahah I will start using that term!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Melissa! It means a lot that you took the time to share that. =)
Lambz Ann said…
Hahah! After the stories I will share with you, whenever, if ever we catch up, you may not be so quick to have him up there!
Lambz Ann said…
Hahah !i I will try to do that! Thanks for your sweet comment!
Lambz Ann said…
I know what you mean! Believe me!
lauren sowell said…
i can't stand it when my fingers don't align correctly on the keyboard - nothing is more frustrating that when that jumble of random letters pops up on the screen!

- lauren
Jessica Peters said…
good luck next week! i hate when my fingers don't align correctly too. its disappointing. :/ stopping by from Friday Letters!
Jeannie Brown said…
Thanks for the comment and my first follower :) This really made me laugh. I might have to start doing this too!
Lambz Ann said…
I totally know what you mean! It happened so much last week!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks Jessica! This week is going better! Appreciate your comment!
Lambz Ann said…
Thanks for following me and it only takes one to start! Keep blogging!